Technical renovation of the Basel City Grand Council Hall
Photo: Anarchitekton

Technical renovation of Basel City Grand Council Hall

After completion of the work in June 2012, the Basel Grand Council will operate the world's first wifi-controlled voting system. The voice is entered via a touch screen of an adapted, commercially available smartphone. The membership card for parliamentarians to be introduced makes it possible to vote from any seat or standing area. The result is transmitted by wifi and displayed on various display panels in the hall. Anarchitekton GmbH designed the concept of the radio-controlled voting system 2011 and developed it in close cooperation with iart AG. In addition to the planning responsibility, all necessary structural measures from the power supply to the walk-in cabinet for controlling the media were implemented.
In addition, Anarchitekton GmbH planned and carried out the installation of 117 unpersonalized, coin-operated lockers for all Grossratssaal users in the heritage listed building.

Immobilien Basel-Stadt,
Bau- und Verkehrsdepartement des Kantons Basel-Stadt , Städtebau & Architektur

Conception, planning and execution
Anarchitekton GmbH
Andreas Wenger
Stefanie Truttmann

Media Planning
iart ag
Valentin Spiess
Jeannine Spozio
Sarah Hofer

Execution Media
tegoro solutions ag 

Execution of electrical work
Butz und Werder AG 

Carpentry execution
Hofstetter AG