Theater Basel Kleine Bühne
Photo Anarchitekton

In the Flow of the Apocalypse

The post-apocalyptic/ apocalyptic stage transforms through the performance evenings of the season opening on the Small Stage of Theater Basel. It consists of a few elements: Three excavation tents, two remains of a crashed shiny silver tethered balloon, five mattresses in different sizes, four piles of flickering civilisation rubbish and a bar cobbled together from scrap materials. Signs of past or still surviving civilisation. The stage is transformed by the light and the adjustment of the equipment, as well as by the alternating performance and sound events. Audience and stage space are not separated. Audience and performers move freely through the remains of the apocalypse.

Basel Academy of Music FHNW/ Musik Akademie Basel
Uli Fussenegger, Meike Olbrich

Academy of Art and Design FHNW
Rebekka Ammann, Kim Gutmann, Joël Gasser, Charlotte Martin, Jana Furrer, Naima Heim

Andreas Wenger

Theater Basel Kleine Bühne