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Beyond the Panorama: On the Construction of Landscape

The exhibition takes a fresh look at the panorama. The heyday of the medium towards the end of the nineteenth century coincided with the first films, which staged reality in a new way using constructed landscapes. At the National Exhibition in Geneva in 1896, for example, films by the state-of-the-art Cinématographe Lumière were on view. The exhibition shows how today, beyond the panorama, the media of film, video and digital art are exploring new ways to represent landscape.

n˚ 309 - Cascade ©Institut Lumière
n˚ 312 – Fête au village ©Institut Lumière
Panorama-Webcam Schilthorn, point de vue – audiovisuelle Produktionen, 2020
Gary Beydler, Hand Held Day, 1974
Rémy Zaugg/ René Pulfer, Projections,1990 / 2019
Philipp Gasser, Neuer Schnee, 2019
Auguste Baud-Bovy, Entwurf des Aeschi Panoramas, 1891

Simone Büsch-Küng, researcher. Assistant at the Kunstmuseum Thun, curator
Hansmartin Siegrist, Seminar for Media Studies (University of Basel)
David Bucheli and Andreas Weber, Project Digital Literacy and Early Swiss Cinema
point de vue - audiovisual productions / Visavista AG / aviaticfilms gmbh
Andreas Wenger, Institute of Interior Design and Scenography FHNW / Anarchitekton GmbH
Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC)
with the kind support of the Gebert Rüf Foundation

Kunstmuseum Thun/ Thun-Panorama