Berufsinformationszentrm BiZ
Mock-up photo: Anarchitekton

BiZ vocational information centre

Concept BiZ pre-project phase
In the BiZ vocational information centre, young people and adults receive vocational, study and career advice from all occupational fields. Embedded between office, counselling and course rooms, the BiZ is the heart of the «Amt für Berufsbildung und Berufsberatung». The concept of the exhibition on the world of work takes this significance into account. With a strong visual design that invites visitors to «immerse» in the world, the exhibition guides and inspires them on the path to finding a profession. The process-related career question is illustrated and structured equally by «actors» in the space along various paths.
The presentation system of the market consists of grooved sheet material on whose sloping surfaces can be locked and displayed by means of pins boxes. The uniform boxes visually bind even the most diverse contents together. The higher vertical surfaces of the bodies provide space for text and image material, as well as for the specialist library.
A ubiquitous textual meta-level such as room designations using professions, office curtains based on job designations as patterns condense the theme of the BiZ and creatively connects the work and consulting offices with the public BiZ room. Questions by Fischli/Weiss from «does happiness find me?» emerge on the columns in the room and try to contribute to the process of shaping the lives of the individuals. Contemporary witnesses report on their lives in text fragments and spread a desire for their own stories.
The «actors» are supported by accent lighting, which expresses their colourfulness in an otherwise rather dark and thus neutral room. This measure supports the endeavour to use the «actors» in the room as structuring elements and to create an overall overview and transparency.

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