The architecture firm Anarchitekton GmbH used interdisciplinary working methods from its beginnings in 1993 when it was founded by Andreas Wenger, Basel (CH) together with his then partner Peter Bölsterli, Bern (CH). As a result of the realization that, due to environmental and social changes, a general reorientation on all levels including architecture was necessary, Anarchitekton GmbH has above all committed itself to the quest for new, appropriate conceptual strategies. The combination of cultural, ecological, social, technical and scientific considerations opens up new scopes of design for procedural methods which Anarchitekton GmbH aims to implement mainly in remodeling and redesign projects.


The name Anarchitekton is derived from the pair of concepts «Ästhetik / Anästhetik» (aesthetics and anaesthetics) coined by Wolfgang Welsch. According to Welsch, anaesthetics describes the basis which actually makes aesthetics (perception), respectively architecture, possible at all.